Step 2 – Congregational Self-Study

] Congregational Self-Study

The Congregational Self-Study (CSS) is a Microsoft Word Document that is downloaded and completed by various groups and individuals.  It is our portal to historical data, current conditions, important documents, and general information about the church.

Completing the CSS is extensive and is the most demanding portion of the assessment process. The CSS must be completed and submitted by the date of the closure of the Internet survey.

Congregational Self-Study Document

Clicking on the above link will download the CSS to your download folder.  You will then be able to open the file in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs.

As the information is gathered one individual will compile the various parts into the document.  When completed the document should be emailed to [email protected]

Staff Questionnaire

An additional component of the information that we gather is an internet questionnaire for the Pastoral & Ministry Leader Staff.

  • Individuals completing this web-based questionnaire need to clearly understand that the information that they share in this form will only be given to the On-Site Assessment Team.
  • It will not be shared with the Senior Pastor or the Church Leadership.

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