Church Health Consultation

The Church Health Consultation is a process of developing an understanding of a church’s current strengths and weaknesses in the advancement and fulfillment of a Great Commission (Matthew 28: 16-20), Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) ministry.  From this understanding of where the church is, a strategic plan is developed to assist the church to move toward greater health and effectiveness in the next 1-2 years.

The process typically involves:
1.  Gathering Information 

In determining where a church is we use three main resources.

The Congregational Self-Study – This is a form that is completed by various leaders and staff giving the Assessment Team historical information and data.  It includes information related to staff, attendance, finances, congregational demographics, and support documents.


Pre-Survey Internet Form

The Congregational Self-Study Form (.doc)

Staff Questionnaire Internet Form

A Congregational Survey – This is an extensive internet-based survey that will be offered to all members and attendees.  The survey gives the Mapping Team a snapshot of the congregation’s current perception of the ten essential systems of church health, the church’s current position on the Life-Cycle, and their observation of strengths and concerns for the church.
Accommodations are made for those who are not comfortable using the internet by providing a .pdf version of the survey that can be printed and either entered by someone in the church or sent to our offices to be entered.


Sample Survey (.pdf)

Sample Report (.pdf)

Mapping Team Onsite Weekend – On an agreed-upon date, a team of two to four members will spend three to four days at the church.  During this time, they will continue to gather information through observation and individual and group interviews.


Sample Weekend Schedule

2.  Training

On the Saturday of the onsite weekend, the Consultation Team will do a training for the church leadership, ministry leaders, and ministry workers.  Many churches choose to open this training to all who might be interested.
In this training, we share the premise of why we do assessments and share significant findings from the survey data, and then we teach on the significant components of a Church Life Cycle – Vision, Relationships, Ministries, and Structure.
This training begins at 9 am and concludes by 3 pm.

3.  Prescription Report

Typically, the Sunday morning message is given by one of the Consultation Team members. Either directly following the message, or at another agreed-upon time, a report of the Team’s findings is given.

This report will contain five core strengths discovered in the consultation process; five significant concerns; and five prescriptions to address the concerns. The church is then encouraged to set a date for a meeting where the congregation will vote to accept or reject the prescriptions in their entirety. If the church chooses to reject the prescriptions, the process is done.

4.  Coaching

If the prescriptions are accepted, the Consultation Team will assist the church in finding coaching resources to fulfill the prescriptions.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call Stan Rieb @ (303) 746-8844


The cost of the Health Consultation process is established between the Client Church and the Church Consultant.  If you do not have a Church Health Consultant, either we can assist you, or we can recommend several skilled Church Health Specialists.

If you are ready to get started on the consultation process go to: