Step 3 – Congregational Survey

  Congregational Survey  

We generate a Survey Monkey Internet-based survey.

Sample Survey (.pdf)

Sample Report (.pdf)

The survey may take up to an hour to complete depending on the amount of information a church member would like to share.  Although the survey is lengthy, please encourage the congregation to complete it as the church will gain a wealth of information that will provide guidance for future ministry.

The Congregational Survey is open for a minimum of three consecutive Sundays.  Our prayer is that we receive a participation of at least 50% of the Average Sunday Adult Worship Attendance.  The smaller the church, the greater the percentage, but we seldom receive less than 50% participation, and often get 70% to  80%.

It is the church’s responsibility to promote the survey.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Promote the survey and the assessment process as an act of stewardship of the ministry God has entrusted to your church members.


  • We send the church a .pdf file of the survey for those members that do not feel comfortable using the internet.  The church has the option of mailing these to our office for us to input into Survey Monkey (there may be an additional fee for this service) or, preferably, they can designate someone in the church to input the data.

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